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This directory is a project of a class at the DePaul University School for New Learning. Our first class is meeting during the Spring term, 2007. We are all learning about the power and versatility of WordPress and blogging while we research Chicago social change and activist organizations. We’ll be creating and posting content to this directory so that you will be able to look up organizations in two ways: (1) by the type of cause they are working on and (2) the neighborhood they serve. We also eventually look to include short biographical sketches of Champions of Change, inspirational leaders who have led/are leading significant social change efforts here. Also on the drawing board is a Time Line of Chicago Activism, which will chroncical important events in Chicago’s social change history. For now we are only accepting contributions from the students in the class, but eventually we’ll open up the process. All the directory entries, however, will be open for comments and repsonse.

Wish us luck!

Tom Tresser
Instructor, Editor-in-“Don’t Call Me Chief!” (old TV reference)
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