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This section is bounded by Madison Street on the north with Western Avenue on the west and Lake Michigan to the east, with the city limits to the south.

Chicago Urban League

  Chicago Urban League  
  The Chicago Urban League (CUL) was one of the first affiliates of the National Urban League (NUL) organized in this country to address the needs of African Americans migrating from the rural South to the northern cities in unprecedented numbers at the dawn of the 20th century. Established in 1916, the Chicago Urban League is a civil rights organization that empowers and inspires individuals to reach and exceed their economic potential. The League focuses on growing Chicago’s African American workforce and business community. The Chicago Urban League is pursuing three strategies that advance our mission: ensuring that African American children are well-educated and equipped for economic self-reliance in the 21st century; helping adults attain economic self-sufficiency through gainful employment, home ownership, entrepreneurship and wealth accumulation; and ensuring the civil rights of African Americans by eradicating barriers to equal participation in the economic and social mainstream of American life. Today the work of CUL focuses upon education, economic development and community empowerment for African Americans, other minorities and the poor. As one of the largest affiliates in the nation, the Chicago organization remains a leader in the Urban League movement.  
Address:  Chicago Urban League
  External Affairs
  4510 South Michigan Ave.
  Chicago, IL 60653
Contact:  Attn: Marquis Miller (Vice President of External Affairs)
Phone:  (773) 451-3500
Email:  please inquire

We The People Media

We The People Media

We The People Media

We The People Media was formed as a not-for-profit organization in late 1999 by 10 prominent journalists, scholars, community and business leaders who wanted to ensure the survival of Residents’ Journal and the Urban Youth International Journalism Program.

In June 1999, shortly after the takeover of the CHA by city officials, the new administration terminated CHA’s prior agreement with Residents’ Journal and instructed the staff to either integrate the publication into the agency’s public relations strategy or expedite the transition to publication by an independent not-for-profit organization. The Residents’ Journal staff opted to separate from CHA.

After months of fundraising and other preparation, We The People Media assumed responsibility for Residents’ Journal and the Urban Youth International Journalism Program in August 2000.

We The People’s guidance has enabled the Urban Youth International Journalism Program to hire new staff and redesign its Journalism 101 curriculum to enhance training for young people throughout the city’s low-income communities.

We The People Media
4859 S. Wabash Ave.
Chicago, IL 60615

Phone: (312)745-2681
Fax (773)285-2853


Campaign for Better Health Care

The Illinois Campaign for Better Health Care is a grassroots coalition of more than 300 local and statewide organizations representing consumers, health care workers and providers, community organizations, seniors, religious, labor, disability rights organizations and other citizens concerned about health care and wellness. These groups share the mission/vision described below: The Campaign for Better Health Care believes that a health care system that serves the people must come from the people. Therefore, the Campaign is committed to grassroots organizing efforts to insure public input in the creation and ongoing oversight of a system that responds to the health care needs of all people in our nation. The Campaign’s vision of health encompasses community health and wholeness and measures high quality health care by high quality of life. Our vision of health understands the social roots of ill health: poverty, unemployment, poor housing, inadequate education, environment degradation, racism, sexism and homophobia. Website: Chicago Office1325 S. Wabash Avenue, Suite 305Chicago, IL 60605 Phone: (312) 913-9449 Fax: (312) 913-9559 Email Address:

Human Resources Development Institute, Inc.


Human Resources Development Institute, Inc. (HRDI) is a community-based behavioral health and human services organization. HRDI is a non-profit agency which was founded in 1974 by a group of community health advocates on the South Side of Chicago concerned with mental health and substance abuse problems plaguing their communities. These advocates successfully structured culturally-specific programs to address those problems. Today, HRDI is a leading provider of behavioral and community healthcare services in Illinois, serving nearly 15,000 clients annually, and offering more than 40 programs at over 20 sites throughout the Chicagoland area Mississippi, Alabama, Nevada and Pennsylvania. HRDI provides services in mental health, alcohol and substance abuse, community health and comprehensive case management, prevention and education, criminal justice, educational,and children and family services.

222 South Jefferson Street
Chicago, Illinois 60661
(312) 441-9009
7(312) 441-9019

Student Environmental Organizations

The Environmental Concerns Organization (ECO) is the main student environmental activist organization at the University. They organize informational events, protests, letter-writing campaigns, and other events throughout the year. They also are the lead organizers of the campus-wide Earth Week celebrations each year.


Address: 920 E. 58th Street Chicago, IL 60637

Phone: (773) 834-0621

Environmental Groups in the Calumet Region

The Calumet Environmental Resource Center (CERC) is a unique resource library, meeting place and referral network where local community residents, government officials, nonprofit environmental organizations, and others can learn about and respond to pressing environmental issues in the Calumet Region.   CERC was established in 1991 through a joint effort of the Fredrick Blum Neighborhood Assistance Center at Chicago State University, the Center for Neighborhood Technology and the Chicago Legal Clinic and is operated by the Neighborhood Assistance
Center at CSU.  CERC works with numerous community organizations, businesses, and residents seeking to enhance economic development, protect the area’s fragile environment, and monitor the health and safety of their communities.   CERC’s extensive resource collection continues to grow daily and contains over 3,000 assorted reports, documents, maps, books, photographs and other resources that specifically focus on the Calumet region of southeastern Chicago, Cook County, and northwestern Indiana. As a comprehensive storehouse of government documents, industry profiles, and scientific research papers on past environmental pollution and current toxic hazards in the region, the center enables community groups and individuals to formulate effective strategies towards addressing local and regional environmental concerns.  

Michael Siola is the research specialist in charge of the collection which is housed in the Paul & Emily Douglas Library housed at Chicago State University. The center is open Monday through Friday from 10:00AM until 5:00PM. An appointment is not necessary, but it is always best to call ahead so we may better coordinate your research activities.


Adress:  9501 South King Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60628

Phone: | (773) 995-2000