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This area is bounded by Western Avenue on the east and Madison Street to the south with the city limits on the North and West boundaries.

Go Girl Go! Chicago

  Go Girl Go! Chicago  
  GoGirlGo! Chicago is an initiative launched by the Women’s Sports Foundation in conjunction with the Chicago Foundation for Women to increase the physical activity of Chicago girls, create sustainable girls’ sports programming and execute a model public education campaign on the importance of getting girls moving. Our goal is to get 100,000 sedentary Chicago girls in the counties of Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry and Will active and involved in physical activities over the next three years, as well as keep 100,000 already active girls playing sports. GoGirlGo! includes four key components: Education and awareness campaign – A free, curriculum-based educational program created for girls, coaches and parents to reinforce positive behaviors and educate one million currently active girls about the dangers of inactivity and negative habits that affect health Community-based activation – GoGirlGo! Week and public information campaigns will be conducted in pilot communities where active adults and girls bring inactive girls to free “open houses” (GoGirlGo! Centers) to introduce them to various activity programs. Pilot communities currently include Atlanta, Chicago and Boston. Peer-to-peer and adult-to-youth mentoring – High school athletes and active adults are asked to pledge support to help get one million girls physically active one girl at a time. Go to to make your pledge and we’ll show you how! Grant Program – $2.6 million will be earmarked to enable new sport and physical activity opportunities to be offered to economically disadvantaged and underserved girls and expand programs to accommodate recruited inactive girls.  
Address:  3725 N. Western Ave
  Chicago, IL 60618
Contact:  Val Bushey
Phone:  773-478-8839

Coalition of African, Arab, Asian, European and Latino Immigrants of Illinois

  Coalition of African, Arab, Asian, European and Latino Immigrants of Illinois  
  CAAAELII is a groundbreaking cross-racial, cross-cultural collaborative. Our work is centered on creating a new model for organizations serving immigrant and other disenfranchised communities: an organic amalgam of leadership development, organizing, activism, concrete social change and direct services. It is one of the largest immigrant-led coalitions in the country. Their mission statement is: To strengthen diverse voices of inter-generational immigrant and refugee communities by building alliances through a transformative process to develop grassroots power that impacts public policy. To engage the people and raise their voices to assert human and civil rights, promoting peoples’ participation and integration into a democratic society.  
Address:  4300 N. Hermitage Ave
  Chicago, IL 60613
Contact:  Marc Kelley
Phone:  (773) 248-1019

Every Block A Village

Every Block a Village Logo

The Every Block A Village Online project will address serious health and safety problems in Chicago’s Austin community, an area with a historically high crime rate and poor health indicators. The West Suburban Hospital Medical Center will provide 57 “citizen leaders” with WebTV units and Internet access in their homes so they can obtain and distribute health and safety information to the community residents. The citizen leaders have already been selected and are currently working with the Beat 1524 police to help step-up community policing efforts. Community residents will also have greater access to community health resources through a Network Training Site, a 24-hour health information telephone service and a Wellness Center home page, an email site where physicians can be queried regarding health concerns.

Project Significance

Austin is an economically depressed community on Chicago’s west side. Rates of illness, including AIDS and tuberculosis, are all higher in Austin than in Chicago as a whole. This is a community with tremendous need for a communications infrastructure that reaches people with critical health and crime-fighting information.

The project will explore the impact of giving local leaders the networking tools to track critical health and public safety information. Several health-related factors that impact the progress of the program will be measured. For example, with respect to pregnancy, it will track low birth weight, maternal medical complications, and the trimester period at which prenatal care is initiated. In addition, the project will track the visit rate to the hospital’s Emergency Department, and measure whether the annual rate in major crimes continues to decrease.


The Westside Health Authority (WHA), will work in partnership with the PCC Community Wellness Center, West Suburban Hospital (WSH), and Loyola’s Center for Urban Research and Learning.

Mr. Christopher Masi M.D. 
Erie at Austin
Oak Park, IL 60302
phone: (708) 524-8600 

Chicago Coalition for Information Access

Our fundamental tenent is collaboration: As a non-profit organization, we are working towards cooperative, strategic partnerships among members: to be a table for many diverse organizations in partnership towards planning and implementing information infrastructure development in the region, and to be a catalyst for change by bringing together a diversity of individuals representing public and private organizations on a regular basis. We feel that one of the best ways to strengthen the Chicago region economically and educationally is to bring the multifaceted communities together in civic networking efforts.

Since forming in the third quarter of 1993, we have regularly met as a general body to both educate our membership about issues pertaining to the NII and to plan public events. On Freedom of Information Day (3/16/94), we held a public forum on the NII at the Harold Washington Library, attended by over 350 people. This meeting, which also included a live demonstration of “Surfing the Net”, illustrated both the broad appeal, and concern voiced by the public, about the ways new technologies will impact our society.

Our Goals:

Assure democratic freedoms such as freedom to communicate, protection of privacy, civic participation, including access to information about our government and public institutions.

Help our public institutions develop affordable access points to ensure full public access.

Pursue institutions for sponsorship of civic networks and community computer centers. These access points must be convenient to all local residents, including persons with disabilities and persons with non-traditional schedules.

Support efforts that seek to create collaborative mechanisms within Community Based Organizations that will afford cooperative learning sites.

Facilitate local organizing efforts and encourage full participation of new and existing community groups and other expressions of popular interest, need and support.

Develop and encourage legislative initiatives that advance our aims and provide material support for these goals.





3411 W. Diversey

Suite 1

Chicago IL, 60647

Phone:  312-384-8827

Center For New Community

Center for New community

The Center for New Community is committed to being “on the ground,” working with communities, organizations, coalitions, and congregations that share a vision of a democratic future based on human rights, justice and equality.

 We need you if we are to make real the vision we share for a new community, and a nation in which the dimity and value of all humanity is manifest.

 We invite you to join us in that journey. With your involvement and support we can, indeed, transform the world!

 We invite you to become a member of the Center for New Community today!

 The mission of the Center for New Community is to build community, justice, and equality.

 We believe that a broad and concerted effort by individuals, families, organizations, congregations, and communities to address contemporary social, economic and racial justice issues is both necessary and achievable.

 Grounded in many faith traditions, we seek to live out new relationships that lead to ongoing acts of community building and organizing to achieve that end.

 From border to border and coast to coast, in village, small town and city alike – the work of the Center for New Community is being seeded and rooted.
  P.O. Box 479327 

 Fax 312-266-0278

Video Machete

Video Machete
Video Machete
Video Machete (VM) is dedicated to producing media arts projects that promote economic and cultural equity within communities that have been historically under-represented, distorted or erased within mainstream media. Through collaborative approaches towards teaching media analysis, community based research skills and production we seek to bridge diverse experiences while advancing the participation of our communities within democratic processes at local, national and global levels.
Address: 3460 w. Lawrence avenue
  Chicago, il 60625
Contact: Cesar Sanchez
  community initiatives director
Phone: 773-645-1272