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Student Environmental Organizations

The Environmental Concerns Organization (ECO) is the main student environmental activist organization at the University. They organize informational events, protests, letter-writing campaigns, and other events throughout the year. They also are the lead organizers of the campus-wide Earth Week celebrations each year.


Address: 920 E. 58th Street Chicago, IL 60637

Phone: (773) 834-0621


Environmental Groups in the Calumet Region

The Calumet Environmental Resource Center (CERC) is a unique resource library, meeting place and referral network where local community residents, government officials, nonprofit environmental organizations, and others can learn about and respond to pressing environmental issues in the Calumet Region.   CERC was established in 1991 through a joint effort of the Fredrick Blum Neighborhood Assistance Center at Chicago State University, the Center for Neighborhood Technology and the Chicago Legal Clinic and is operated by the Neighborhood Assistance
Center at CSU.  CERC works with numerous community organizations, businesses, and residents seeking to enhance economic development, protect the area’s fragile environment, and monitor the health and safety of their communities.   CERC’s extensive resource collection continues to grow daily and contains over 3,000 assorted reports, documents, maps, books, photographs and other resources that specifically focus on the Calumet region of southeastern Chicago, Cook County, and northwestern Indiana. As a comprehensive storehouse of government documents, industry profiles, and scientific research papers on past environmental pollution and current toxic hazards in the region, the center enables community groups and individuals to formulate effective strategies towards addressing local and regional environmental concerns.  

Michael Siola is the research specialist in charge of the collection which is housed in the Paul & Emily Douglas Library housed at Chicago State University. The center is open Monday through Friday from 10:00AM until 5:00PM. An appointment is not necessary, but it is always best to call ahead so we may better coordinate your research activities.


Adress:  9501 South King Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60628

Phone: | (773) 995-2000

Chicago Sustainable Development & New Urbanism Meetup Group


Meet other local people who are interested in Sustainable Development and New Urbanism.
Let’s define what we mean by “sustainable,” “energy-efficient,” “green,” etc. and then work toward making it happen here in
Chicago!  What are the building blocks of “sustainability?” What are the most important issues that need to be addressed? What issues are important to you when you look at your home, your neighborhood and your city? What actions can we take to effect true change that benefits everyone? We hope to answer these questions through conversations with local experts and other community members.
Let’s work toward having more energy-efficient, healthy and “sustainable” options when looking for a new home. Let’s create neighborhoods that are of human scale, cohesive and prepared for the future. Let’s restore our urban fabric and communities!


Adress: 60657

Chicago Resource Center

For over 30 years, the Resource Center, a non-profit environmental education organization, has led the way in demonstrating innovative techniques for recycling and reusing materials. Too often in the urban setting, abundant and important resources are wasted. Our recovery work aims to reverse waste and to improve the quality of life for urban dwellers. We have been devoted from the beginning to the economic and educational revitalization of city neighborhoods through recycling, urban gardening and other programs that reclaim and reuse resources


Address: 222 East 135th Pl., Chicago, Illinois 60627

Phone: Telephone (773)821-1351 Fax (773)821-7462

Website: E-mail:

Center for Neighborhood Technology

Since 1978, the Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) has worked to show urban communities locally and all across the country how to develop more sustainable. With smarts, creativity and innovation, and before the term sustainable development was even widely used, CNT has been demonstrating its unique brand of sustainable development: development that is good for the economy and the environment; makes better use of existing resources and community assets; and improves the health of natural systems and the wealth of people—today and in the future. CNT’s organizational model is part think tank, part incubator. While the organization carries out complex research and analysis, it’s the application of that research for the benefit of real neighborhoods and real people, especially those most in need, which really drives the organization to excel. Sometimes this application is about changing markets, and other times public policies. Sometimes it requires changing both. Over the years, CNT’s work, especially in the areas of energy, transportation, materials conservation and housing preservation, has paid off by fueling a generation of community development institutions and learning, garnering CNT a reputation as an economic innovator and leader in the field of creative sustainable development.


Address: 2125 West North Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60647

Phone: 773.278.4800 Fax 773.278.3840 E-mail: