Chicagoland Transportation and Air Quality Commission

Born out of the nonprofit Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT), CTAQC was founded to focus on opportunities for the public to impact regional transportation planning. With the advent of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) in 1991, CNT recruited seven core partners dedicated to bringing federal mandates to northeastern Illinois. By 1994, CTAQC was formed with 33 members.CTAQC published its first Citizen Transportation Plan in 1995 based on recommendations of stakeholder task forces. The plan called for more community-building projects, with greater emphasis on maintaining existing communities and more transit, bicycle and pedestrian investment. Six years later, to update our understanding of public opinion, Connecting Communities Summits were held in eleven local areas of the northeastern Illinois region to facilitate public involvment in transportation planning. The comments of the summits were synthesized into a report, Changing Direction: Transportation Choices for 2030, and published in 2002. Today over 190 organizations have endorsed the ideals of the plan.As the Tranportation Efficiency Act periodically comes up for re-authorization, CTAQC looks forward to strengthening federal policy to the benefit of local stakeholders. CTAQC has developed a two-pronged approach, combining public involvement with advocacy. We do this because we recognized the need to help residents understand policy makers as well as the need to aid policy makers in understanding taxpayers.CTAQC has taken a lead in formulating unique public involvement guidelines and tools that have been successfully applied in real-life community-building situations. CTAQC has designed, tested and implemented charettes as one type of instrument for participants to make proactive and creative suggestions to improve thier communities. Using the processes outlined, participants learn the context and lexicon needed to effectively communicate with their elected officials and transportation planners. We provide our constituency with the tools to reach consensus; our constituency provides the consensus.CTAQC has published literature synthesizing the public’s wishes into clear, concise, and comprehensive documentation that resonates with decision makers. We are also involved in monitoring public meetings of regional transportation policy agencies. CTAQC seeks a region in which taxpayers are seen as a critical constituency and are sought out by decision makers for input on the design of their communities and region. This vision can be achieved by building a trust between taxpayers and policy makers and by initiating a permanent dialogue that addresses the needs of all users and potential users of the area.We believe in: inclusive planning, equitable access to regional resources, investment in quality-of-life goals, development of a safe and accessible travel environment for all and preservation of open space. Website: c/o Center for Neighborhood Technology 2125 W. North AveChicago, IL 60647 Phone: 773-278-4800 x2030
Fax: 773-278-3840


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