Chicago Appleseed fund for justice

Chicago Appleseed fund for justice
Chicago Appleseed fund for justice
The Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice is a nationally connected social impact research and advocacy organization that works to achieve fundamental, systemic reform by addressing policies and practices that prevent individuals from reaching their full potential. We focus on social justice and government effectiveness issues ranging from fair criminal justice systems to equal access in financial institutions. The Chicago Appleseed Difference We at Chicago Appleseed are not content to sit on the sidelines of social reform. We gather and study information from a variety of sources to create objective research that takes all viewpoints into consideration. From this research, we make recommendations to fix the flaws in current systems. Change does not happen by simply making recommendations—we believe that we must actively work to create change. To that end, we meet with policymakers and public citizens in a variety of ways to advocate for fair and just change.
Address:  750 North Lake Shore Drive, 4th Floor
  Chicago, IL 60611
Phone:  312.988.6565

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