Citizen Advocacy Center

The Citiizen Adovacy Center

The Citizen Advocacy is a non-profit, non-partisan community legal organization dedicated to building democracy for the 21st century. Center community lawyers and volunteers focus on strengthening the citizenry’s capacity and motivation to participate in civic affairs, building community resources, and improving democratic protocols within our community institutions. Through public education, community organizing, issue advocacy, and precedent-setting litigation in state and federal courts, the Center forges ahead with programs to advance civic life. The Center is a free public resource to the community.

Our storefront is located at 238 N. York Road in downtown Elmhurst and houses the Open Forum, a space that provides citizens the opportunity to: obtain free civic materials, ask our two full-time community lawyers questions on matters of public concern, engage in civic discussion, access electronic information, make videos, learn about local issues, attend training workshops, and develop skills for participating in the civic affairs.


Contact Information:
238 N. York Rd.
Elmhurst, IL 60126-0420

Phone: (630) 833-4080
Fax: (630) 833-4083



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