A Safe Haven













A Safe Haven is a private organization that specializes in housing for individuals recovering from alcoholism and substance abuse. A Safe Haven is a licensed operator of residential housing in the Midwestern States. A Safe Haven was founded on the simple vision — to create recovery home living that champions the quality of life that surrounds people that support and understand the steps required to achieve meaningful recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Today. This agency is one of the most effective and innovative providers of recovery home services in the

At A Safe Haven the belief is that no two people are alike. The services each resident requires are never exactly the same. This is called individual-centered approach to recovery. Safe Haven believes in working with other quality community based programs. The agency works with outside 12 Step programs, childcare services, jobs training, medical services, community referral sources, treatment providers, government agencies, families education programs, non-profit organizations. The key is to help the resident build a life long network to stay in recovery.


180 W.

Suite 1000

Chicago, IL

Phone: 312-372-6707

Fax: 312-372-6706

Website: asafehaven.com


Illinois: 312-372-3820

Email: intake@asafehaven.com


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