Center on Halsted

Center on Halsted Logo

Following the advice of noted Chicago architect Daniel Burnham, Center on Halsted organizers early on decided they would “make no small plans.” The Center’s vision reflects this philosophy:

A Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender journey… celebrating, affirming and discovering possibilities.

To achieve this vision and create a place where people can come together to play, learn, and talk to one another, the Center’s mission is as follows:

In a safe and nurturing environment, the Center on Halsted serves as a catalyst for the LGBT community that links and provides community resources, and enriches life experiences.

These guiding messages inspire every step of the way as Center on Halsted becomes a reality. The Center will be an anchor for all facets of the LGBT community to congregate freely in a safe, understanding and nurturing environment – with support networks and programs that meet the cultural, emotional, social, educational and recreational needs of LGBT persons, whether youth, adults, seniors or families.

Above all, the Center will act as a bridge between persons and between communities, enabling new possibilities.

The Center on Halsted will also house a number of organizations serving Chicago’s LGBT community. More than 40 have expressed their interest in participating with the center. Chicago has long been the center of the LGBT community for the greater Midwest. While the city has a wide array of LGBT organizations that provide many health, social services, recreational, cultural and advocacy programs and services, there is no one place where these organizations can easily come together to collaborate, extend their reach, or share resources. The Center on Halsted will celebrate and solidify this role. This multipurpose facility will provide organizational support and meeting space for LGBT groups, cultural and recreational programming and counseling services. At the heart and soul of the Center are programs that will be offered by a community of nonprofit organizations. Literally tens of thousands will be served each year through the organizations that become partners in this bold new project. The Center will also strengthen the community by serving as a link among diverse organizations that otherwise might not interact.


Center on Halsted
3656 N Halsted
Chicago, IL 60613
Phone: 773.472.6469
Fax: 773.472.6643
TTY: 773.472.1277


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