Quad Communities Development Corporation

Quad Communities Development Corporation
Quad Communities Development Corp. (QCDC) serves the South Side communities of North Kenwood, Oakland, and portions of Douglas and Grand Boulevard. QCDC’s mission is to convene residents, organizations, businesses, and institutions within the Quad Communities to plan, guide, support, and monitor human infrastructure and community development activities that will create a sustainable, healthy, mixed-income neighborhood. QCDC organizes stakeholders and leverages resources in order to guide and support community development initiatives focusing around four core program areas: Education/Youth Programs – QCDC secured funding from the University of Chicago and Chicago Public Schools to appoint a Cluster Coordinator who supports and provides additional resources to the principals of seven elementary schools within the QCDC service area. Center for Working Families – Together with the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development, QCDC secured Job Access Reverse Commute (JARC) program funds from the Federal and Regional Transportation Authority and convened 75 area institutions/employers to plan and design a transportation-to-work shuttle service within the Quad Communities. Mixed-Income Housing Program – There are 718 units of federally subsidized housing at risk of expiring in next 5 years. QCDC convened partners, including Chicago Rehab Network and two community organizations to address the issue of expiring federally subsidized affordable housing properties. QCDC has also engaged an experienced not-for-developer to help preserve at-risk affordable housing properties. Cottage Grove Commercial District Revitalization Program – In partnership with the Fourth Ward Aldermanic Office, QCDC setup and staffed the 43rd & Cottage Grove Tax Increment Financing (TIF)Council, which is charged with the task of guiding and overseeing development activities within the TIF District along Cottage Grove Avenue from 39th to 48th street.
Website: http://www.qcdc.org/home.aspx
Address: Quad Communities Development Corporation
  4659 S. Cottage Grove Avenue
  Chicago, IL 60653
Contact: Bernita Johnson-Gabriel
Phone: (773) 268-7232
Email: bgabriel@qcdc.org

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