Center for Campus Free Speech

Center for Campus Free Speech

Universities improve the quality of our society and strengthen future leaders through the discovery of new knowledge and the questioning of conventional wisdom. These goals are best achieved in a thriving marketplace of ideas whose participants are actively encouraged to seek out and exchange new ideas while exploring a diverse array of opinions.

This mission extends beyond the classroom to extracurricular opportunities created by students to enhance their higher education experience. Students translate academic lessons into hands-on experience through internship programs, leadership positions, and volunteer opportunities within groups they create and support. The entire campus community benefits from the cultural events, public policy debates, and guest speakers provided by student organizations and programs.

There have been numerous legal, legislative and administrative initiatives to stifle the voices of students by restricting access to student fees, limiting access to university facilities and censoring student publications, all of which has a detrimental impact on the quality of the university experience. The university provides an important platform for the expression of a multitude of opinions and deserves heightened protection from attacks on freedom of speech.

The Center for Campus Free Speech was created by a variety of members of the higher education community – students, faculty, administrators, and others – to protect and to promote free speech on campuses. The Center acts as a clearinghouse of information, provides specialized support to campuses, and connects concerned educators, administrators, lawyers and students into a national network. The Center draws advice and guidance from a group of leaders in the higher education and legal communities.

Contact Information:
Center for Campus Free Speech
407 S. Dearborn, Suite 701
Chicago, IL 60605

Phone: 312-291-0396



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