Between Friends

Between Friends is a nonprofit agency dedicated to breaking the cycle of domestic violence and abuse by providing education, support, counseling, and advocacy services. Between Friends work with individuals, families, and communities to create awareness about domestic violence and abuse and to reduce its prevalence and impact.

Between Friends provides comprehensive services for women and children affected by domestic violence, and prevention and education programs for teens and adults in the community.

Between Friends’ Counseling Program helps women to deal with the trauma of living with abusive relationships, or to heal from past abusive relationships. Counselors encourage women to explore their options and make their own decisions in order to build a safe future for themselves and their children.

Between Friends’ Court Advocacy Program assists women in navigating the legal system to obtain Orders of Protection against their abusers. In addition, our advocates work with local law enforcement and legal professionals to educate them about domestic violence and to provide resources for victims.

Between Friends is committed to providing education within the community to increase awareness of the prevalence of domestic violence, provide resources for witnesses and victims, and to aid in the prevention of domestic violence in future generations.

Between Friends provides customized workshops for teens, healthcare providers, businesses, churches, and community groups to best meet the needs and concerns of each audience.


Contact: Between Friends
(formerly The Friends of Battered Women and Their Children)
P.O. Box 608548, Chicago, IL 60660
Phone: 773-274-5232 Fax: 773-262-2543



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