Play for Peace

Play for Peace

At Play for Peace, we teach people to be leaders for peace and how to live and play together in creating more peaceful communities. Play for Peace is a global organization, now in its 10th year, which brings together children, youth and organizations from communities in conflict. As part of our community development initiatives, we use play to promote relationships among people whose communities suffer from a history of cross-cultural tensions. Play is one of the primary ways that human beings learn.

In this non-threatening environment, children have the opportunity to play with peers from other cultures and communities consistently, over time. Play for Peace is all about change—changing the way people relate to each other.

– To promote positive relationships among the people of societies in conflict.
-To foster leaders for peace around the world.
-To build self-sustaining learning communities in which all of our regions work interdependently to build a more peaceful world.
-To create a non-threatening environment, free from fear, in which people of all ages can experience the joy of play.


Contact Information:
1 E. Superior St.
Suite 304,
Chicago, Illinois 60611, USA

Phone: 773-275-0077, Fax: 773-275-3385
Email address:


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