Little Village Environmental Justice Organization

LVEJO originally worked within the City of Chicago Community Areas #30 (South Lawndale) & #28 (
Lower West Side). These two community areas are commonly known as Little Village and Pilsen respectively. Together, they make up the largest Mexican American urban area in the U.S. outside of
East Los Angeles. We have now expanded the geographic focus of some of our programs to the entire city and some suburbs. The roots of our organization began in 1994 when parents, grandparents, students, neighbors, and priests organized to move a proposed elementary school to a safer environmental location. In November, 1995 through a $20,000 grant from the U.S. Environmental Justice Organization, the Gary School Environmental Justice Project (GSEJP) began. Thirty middle school students participated in a GSEJP leadership program for two years. During that time the school became the first in
Chicago to certify the school engineer, staff, students and parents to implement a lead prevention and reduction program. Gary also became the first
Chicago school to do a complete toxic and asthma trigger inventory, buying safer products and materials. GSEJP won safer roof replacements in all three of its buildings. Fifty parents and student members of the GSEJP club voted to establish a community based organization (CBO), LVEJO, in June, 1997. LVEJO became incorporated as a 501-c-3 CBO in August, 1998. Our programs are: Clean Power/Clean Air, Clean-up Toxic Land Now, Public Transit Justice, Youth are Our Future, Adult & Youth Leadership (People United for Dignity, Democracy and Justice: PUDDJ), Immigrant Rights, Urban Agriculture and Forestry, More Parks for Little Village, and Healthy Latino Schools.
Website: Contact Info:Little Village Environmental Justice OrganizationLa Organizacion de Justicia Ambiental de la Villita

2856 S. Millard Ave.

Chicago, IL
Phone: 773-762-6991Fax-773-762-6993


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