Illinois Center for Violence Prevention

The Illinois Center for Violence Prevention fosters safe communities for people at every stage of life. We identify, promote and evaluate the best ways to prevent violence.

Our Approach

The Illinois Center for Violence Prevention (ICVP) is dedicated to the prevention of all forms of interpersonal violence, including family violence (child, partner, and elder abuse); sexual assault; youth violence; gang and gun related violence; and hate crimes. The ICVP was created to serve as a vehicle for individuals, organizations and systems to work together for the prevention of violence. Working from a community-oriented public health and public safety approach, ICVP carries out its mission through the initiation or support of the following activities:

  • Public Education–Educational efforts which expand people’s understanding about the root causes and consequences of violence and which promote personal and institutional change and involvement in violence prevention initiatives;
  • Networking and Network Coordination–Events and activities which provide individuals from various disciplines with opportunities to exchange information, knowledge, skills, and develop collaborative efforts;
  • Advocacy–Advocacy for social policies which promote the reduction and prevention of violence against individuals, in families, and communities;
  • Technical Assistance and Training–Technical assistance, intensive consultation and training designed to build the capacity of communities, organizations and systems to identify and implement comprehensive violence prevention efforts; and
  • Evaluation and Research–Promotion of outcome-oriented program design and evaluation that support the identification and validation of best practices, and participation in research projects which identify and expand people’s understanding about the root causes and consequences of violence, the appropriate responses to violence, and the most effective means of preventing violence.

The Center’s programs and initiatives are designed to promote community (local), regional and statewide violence prevention strategies that address causal factors and intervene to effect solutions to violence. The ICVP works to both promote existing successful models of prevention and to stimulate development of new approaches. An overarching principle that supports all of ICVP’s activities is the tenant of building on the existing strengths of individuals, organizations, communities, institutions, and the systems it is working with. As such, much of the work conducted by the Illinois Center for Violence Prevention is in collaboration with other organizations or systems. This multi-disciplinary, inclusive approach has been effective in building a strong violence prevention movement in Illinois. Those working together with the ICVP include members of public health, social service, health, education, youth serving, domestic violence, criminal justice, faith communities, businesses, community organizations and youth.


Contact Info:

Illinois Center for Violence Prevention
70 East Lake Street, Suite 720
Chicago, IL 60601
(312) 986-9200
(312) 922-2277 (fax)


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