Delta Institute

Delta means change. The Delta Institute is a nonprofit organization formed in 1998 to develop and test fresh ideas for bringing about sustainable communities. We are re-thinking the disciplines of environmental protection and economic development—and doing our best to integrate them.

We create new models for development that won’t harm the environment, and that will benefit disadvantaged communities. We’re entrepreneurial about preventing pollution, conserving energy, and helping blighted communities recycle industrial property. And we advocate for policies that protect and make the most of the region’s human, natural, and economic resources.

How We Work

  • We collaborate
    We analyze environmental and development challenges, then bring diverse interests together to plan solutions. We focus public attention on critical issues, developing and demonstrating new tools and policies for ensuring a sustainable future.
  • We finance
    We find and secure the capital needed to finance programs on the ground, from preventing pollution to redeveloping brownfields.
  • We train
    We create and strengthen community organizations and train local and regional leaders to make an impact on key sustainable development and environmental issues.


Contact Info:

Delta Institute
53 West Jackson Boulevard
Suite 230
Chicago, Illinois 60604
(312) 554-0900
(312) 554-0193 fax


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