Center for New Community

Center Logo

The Center for New Community is committed to being “on the ground,” working with communities, organizations, coalitions, and congregations that share a vision of a democratic future based on human rights, justice and equality.

We need you if we are to make real the vision we share for a new community, and a nation in which the dimity and value of all humanity is manifest.

We invite you to join us in that journey. With your involvement and support we can, indeed, transform the world!
We invite you to become a member of the Center for New Community today!

The mission of the Center for New Community is to build community, justice, and equality.

We believe that a broad and concerted effort by individuals, families, organizations, congregations, and communities to address contemporary social, economic and racial justice issues is both necessary and achievable.

Grounded in many faith traditions, we seek to live out new relationships that lead to ongoing acts of community building and organizing to achieve that end.

From border to border and coast to coast, in village, small town and city alike – the work of the Center for New Community is being seeded and rooted.






P.O. Box 479327

Chicago, IL 60647

Phone: 312-266-0319 Fax: 312-266-0278


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