AREA Chicago

AREA Chicago
AREA Chicago
AREA Chicago is a biannual publication dedicated to researching and networking the art, education, and activist practices within the city of Chicago. A stated project goal is “to be a shared space to fuel, debate, refine, express and implement our collective goals for a more desirable and livable Chicago and world”. By producing thematic magazines focused on dynamic fields of practice, AREA connects disparate yet vital work and weaves narratives that bring engaged Chicagoans together through critical writing, media and documentation. Always addressing complex topics through the lens of local grassroots work, AREA Chicago has explored the themes of Privatization/Welfare Cuts, Local Food Systems, and social movement Solidarity History that connects local practice with the rest of the globe. Additionally, AREA Chicago sponsors three related projects: “Infrastructure Lecture Series” dealing with organizational/sustainability issues of activist and cultural groups and the “Peoples Atlas of Chicago: Sites of Relevance” mapping project which takes the form of workshops designed to create subjective and nontraditional maps of the city about different topics, and “AREA Books Imprint” – our most recent side project launching next year. AREA Regularly hosts and co-sponsors public events related to our contributors practices throughout Chicago.
Address: AREA Chicago
  PO Box 476971 Chicago, IL 60647
Email: areachicago(@)

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