The Claretians

The Claretians
The Claretians
Around the world the Claretians carry out an unwavering mission to reach across barriers and touch people’s lives. From the inner-city to remote jungles, Claretians take their messages of hope, love, and justice directly to the people who urgently need it. They foster the spark that leads each person to Christ. The charisms of community, mission, spirituality, and evangelization guide the Claretians in their work. A rich community life, supported by 3,000 Claretians worldwide, nourishes the Claretians’ ministry and their lives. Their common mission has led them to over 60 countries on five continents where they work in parishes, universities, and city streets. In their words and actions Claretians strive to evangelize through their witness to the Word of God. Throughout all of their many ministries Claretian spirituality helps them listen to the weary of the world with their hearts. The Claretians walk with people who are in need. In the Eastern Province of the U.S., Claretians are present in poor neighborhoods where young people live in the shadow of gang violence. They help build and rehabilitate housing for seniors and families who otherwise couldn’t afford a home of their own. They minister to students on college campuses, helping build strong faith communities.
Address: 205 W. Monroe Street
  Chicago, IL 60606
Contact: Father Steve Keusenkothen, C.M.F.,
  Vocation Director
Phone: 312-236-7782

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