Illinois Migrant Council

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The Illinois Migrant Council or “IMC” is a community-based non-profit organization with the primary mission of promoting employment, educational and other opportunities for migrant and seasonal farmworkers (MSFW) and their families to achieve economic self-sufficiency and stability. IMC’s central focus is the well-being of the farmworker family. Since 1966, IMC has assisted farmworker families in meeting their needs and attaining their goals in their efforts to make the transition to a new community, home and job — whether they are working seasonally in agriculture or are settling out of the migrant stream in Illinois.

IMC implements its programs and services within the parameters of its federal and state funding resources. IMC field sites or Regional locations offer a range of services with workforce development as the nucleus. IMC is a partner in the Illinois workforce development system under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). The Illinois Migrant Council has identified key areas in the State of Illinois with concentrations of migrant and seasonal farmworkers (MSFW) who are low income and in need of employment and training services offered by IMC under the Workforce Investment Act National Farmworker Jobs Program. Farmworkers in Balance of State areas (i.e., outside the key areas) are also served based on need.

IMC Locations:

Northern Region
c/o IETC / One Stop Center
62 N. Ayer Street, Suite D
Harvard, Illinois 60033
Tel 815 943-6851
500 Russel Court
Woodstock, Illinois 60098

North Central Region
2000 N.E. Perry Street
Peoria, Illinois 61603
Tel 309 674-1752

Central Region
Champaign One Stop Career Center
1307 North Mattis Avenue
Champaign, Illinois
Messages may be left at: Tel 217 722-3191

Community Service Center
520 E. Wabash Avenue
Rantoul, Illinois 61866
Messages may be left at: Tel 217 721-3806

Additional site in development:
Kankakee One Stop Career Center
255 N. Schuyler Avenue
Kankakee, Illinois 60901
Messages may be left at: Tel 217 721-3806

Delta Southern /Southwest Region

Cobden Technology Learning Center
111 S. Appleknocker Street
Cobden, Illinois 62920
Tel 618 893-1922

Web Address:


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