Chicago Wilderness Habitat Project

Chicago Wilderness Habitat Project
Chicago Wilderness Habitat Project
Life — for endangered species and rare ancient prairies, for woodlands and wetlands and the wildlife that live in them — depends on people! Though the challenges are great, and the resources rather slim, the choice is ours. By accepting this challenge we not only can make a difference in nature’s future, but we can learn about and enjoy all that nature offers us. The Habitat Project is a network of thousands of volunteers and staff — scientists, monitors, land managers and advocates — who work side by side to assure the holistic and effective conservation of Chicago Wilderness, a regional nature reserve. Monitors count and measure plants and animals to document current distributions, abundance, and health — to track trends in these numbers over time — and to identify problems and find solutions Stewards remove invasive trees and brush, pull weeds, collect and plant native seeds, conduct controlled burns, and shepherd our most treasured natural areas back to good health Advocates use data and expertise to advocate for sound public policy to fund and facilitate habitat restoration and quality of life for plants and animals (including people) The Habitat Project is generously supported by Chicago Wilderness, the Illinois Conservation Foundation, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Grand Victoria Foundation, the Audubon Science Office, Boeing, the Chicago Wilderness Trust, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Preservation Fund, and individual supporters of Audubon-Chicago Region.
Address: Chicago Wilderness Habitat Project
  5225 Old Orchard Road, Suite 37
  Skokie, IL 60077
Contact: Karen Glennemeier
  Conservation Scientist
  (847) 965-1150 x20
Phone: (847) 965-1150

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