Albany Park Neighborhood Council

Recreating Public Life, Strengthening Families

Together, we are committed to revitalizing and strengthening the institutions of our community. We are committed to reversing the trend of dwindling participation in our churches, schools, and mutual aid associations. We are committed to rekindling democracy and providing meaningful ways for our members to participate in public life.

We do this work through community organizing. Organizing enables people to imagine a different reality. It involves everyday people having a real voice in the decisions that affect their lives. In the words of one organizer, “Community organizing provides the vehicle by which elements of knowledge, skills, and experience are attained by families and neighborhoods.” APNC’s approach involves formal trainings, research, identifying common issues, creating collective and strategic ways to address those issues, and systematically strengthening institutions.

APNC has won significant victories that have improved the quality of education, provided a voice for youth, preserved affordable and decent housing, and sustained a mixed socioeconomic and ethnically diverse community in Albany Park. From shutting down drug houses to winning support for a Youth Bill of Rights, to securing additional funding for local schools, APNC has been recognized as one of the city’s most promising new organizations.



Monika Starczuk
3334 W. Lawrence Ave, 3rd floor
Chicago, IL 60625
Tel.: (773) 583-1387
Fax: (773) 583-1487
E-mail: or


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