Greater Southwest Development Corporation

Greater Southwest Development Corporation
About Greater Southwest Development Corporation
GSDC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community development corporation that has actively contributed to residential, commercial, and industrial revitalization efforts in Southwest Chicago for thirty years.

GSDC was formed in 1974 as a result of organizing efforts to hold banks accountable for the growing disinvestment in Chicago Lawn. At the time, the area was experiencing violent racial conflicts and GSDC’s early efforts focused both on easing racial tension and stimulating economic investment.

What they do

Commercial Services
Actively involved in commercial revitalization since 1974, Greater Southwest Development Corporation (GSDC) has attracted or retained more than $500 million in commercial enterprises to the Greater Marquette Park area.

Developing Our Neighborhood
Greater Southwest Development Corporation (GSDC) is known for its strong community development track record. For three decades, the organization has worked to remove blight – constructing impressive commercial, industrial and housing development projects in its place.

Housing Services
GSDC’s housing programs and services focus on strengthening the community by providing education, foreclosure counseling, technical assistance, and financial support to the area’s homeowners and renters. GSDC is a HUD certified counseling agency and a City of Chicago’s Department of Housing Delegate Agency.

Industrial Services
GSDC’s Industrial Division focuses on attracting, retaining, and expanding manufacturing in Chicago’s southwest industrial corridor. Established in 1995, the GSDC Industrial Division works with more than 60 area companies, who provide valuable assistance in identifying business needs and opportunities in the industrial corridor.

Senior Living Services
Since 1992, GSDC successfully constructed three senior housing developments that offer 248 affordable apartments to the community’s seniors. The independent-living developments are professionally serviced by GSDC, and the supportive living facility by Blair Minton & Associates, to provide high quality rental opportunities for income-qualified seniors. GSDC oversees the property management of all three buildings.

LISC/Chicago New Communities Program
Since 2003, GSDC has been the lead organization in the New Communities Program (NCP) for the Chicago Lawn neighborhood. NCP is an ambitious five-year effort that works to rejuvenate communities and to promote new connections within each neighborhood by supporting comprehensive community organizing and planning. The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and LISC/Chicago committed more than $17.5 million to the NCP, with a host of other funders committing additional funding.



2601 West 63rd Street
Chicago, Illinois 60629
Phone: 773.436.1000 Fax: 773.471.8206


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